A Shot & A Shot Event – May 11

This event was conceived when a few friends were discussing the need for new headshots. It can be challenging to find a photographer, book the shoot, and attempt to relax during it – plus very expensive! So, we’re making it easy!

Join Max’s Taphouse and photographer David Stuck for a quick 15-minute shoot! You’ll receive 1 shot of bourbon, tequila or vodka – take it before your shoot to loosen up – and then we’ll put you in front of the camera. Headshots will be taken in front of a dark gray backdrop. We encourage you to bring a blazer, scarf, or other accessories to switch up your “look” within the time slot.

Within 1 week following the session, you’ll receive ~20 edited photographs to use for your professional needs.

Next event date: Wednesday, May 11th!


A Shot & A Shot - May 11th

This is the email address your photographs will be sent to.
We'll do our best to keep to a 15 minute window per person.
By checking this box, I am verifying that I am 21 years old or older. I understand that I will need to arrive with a Drivers License or government photo ID to enter the Taphouse.
This cost covers one liquor shot & one 15-minute photoshoot.