At Draft Top we are all about Drinking Topless. But not what you think. We set out to change the experience of drinking great quality beverages out of cans because we are active outdoor people that find ourselves in situations where drinking from anything other than a can is not acceptable. And cans are everywhere today. 

They are good containers for many reasons except drinking from. The same beer, wine or soda taste inferior to its glass counterpart and its because of the aluminum top blocking your sense of smell. And since smell and taste are directly linked… well you get the point. 

We have created a product that allows you to unlock the aroma of whats inside the cans you buy. The smooth pour and open top make the experience on par with drinking from a glass. You can even add ice, pour in some alcohol and garnish the drink. Then when its done rinse it out and make it a cup, herb planter or pen holder. The options are endless.

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