Whale Lounge – Episode 12: Full Kit


Join Scooter on Thursday, January 28th as he sits down with special guest Rob Goss from Whitey’s Liquor! In your kit this week, you’ll receive pours of each of the below beers plus a custom placemat, exclusive coupons and access to the show.

Pick up scheduled for 1/28, but if you want to grab earlier, just shoot us an email / add in the notes and we’ll contact you to coordinate!

Bell’s Brewing Company- Blacknote (2016) (8oz pour)

  • Imperial Stout, 10.8%
  • One of the most sought after stout in the Bell’s portfolio
  • Ale aged in freshly spent bourbon barrels
  • Bright notes of dark chocolate, espresso and dark fruit

Widow Maker Brewing Co.- All It Ever Was (8oz pour)

  • New England-Style IPA, 6.9% ABV
  • Brewed with copious amounts of oats, and hopped with only Citra. 
  • Big bursts of sweet melon, lemon zest and fresh orange juice

Wild Minds Ales- Electric Rainbow (8oz pour)

  • Fruited Kettle Sour, 4.5% ABV
  • Ale brewed with raspberry, peach and lemon, then dry-hopped with Azacca hops
  • Pleasantly drinks like a fresh raspberry lemonade with peach preserves

Founder’s Brewing Company- Canadian Breakfast Stout (2018) (8oz pour)

  • Imperial Stout, 11.6% ABV
  • Vintage is no longer available
  • Stout brewed with blend of imported chocolate and coffees
  • Aged in spent bourbon barrels that previously housed Michigan maple syrup

3 Fonteinen- Oude Kriek (Season of 2017-18) (8oz pour)

  • Belgian Lambic with cherries, 6.5% ABV
  • Proportion of 1 kilogram of macerated cherries added per liter of lambic
  • Traditionally unpasteurized and bottle conditioned with no artificial colors or flavors 

Hill Rock Estate Distillery- Double Cask Rye (1.5oz pour)

  • American Rye Whiskey, 45% ABV
  • Double cask-aged in American oak under 4 years
  • One of the very few farm-to-glass American distilleries remaining


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