Whale Lounge – Episode 13: Full Kit

Join Scooter on FRIDAY, Feb 12th as he sits down with some really special guests…some of your favorite BEERtenders! Mislan, Scheerer and Dyana join Scooter this week to talk about the good ole days and reminise about past Belgian Fests as we prep for Brussels Fest 2021. In your kit this week, you’ll receive pours of each of the below plus a custom placemat, exclusive coupons and access to the show.

*Brouwerij Alvinne- Cuvee Freddy
*Hanssens Artisanal- Scarenbecca Kriek
*Gueuzerie Tilquin- Oude Myrtille Sauvagear
*Widowmaker Brewing Co.- Candymaker
*True Respite – Supah Troopah
*Duke’s Founder Reserve Whiskey

Make sure you come by this weekend to drink INDOORS with Scooter!